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Jennifer Su

Senior Instructor

​Cello & Piano

Jennifer was a graduate from one of the most prestigious New England Conservatory of Music. She worked as a teaching assistant at Foundation for Chinese Performing Arts music camp from 2017-19. She is working at New England Conservatory Prep School as Chamber Coach. Jennifer started her piano training since she was four, she worked at Seed Music and Art Center as a Piano teacher. She is also worked as the Teaching Assistant at Boston Philharmonic Orchestra since 2020.

GIPAC高级大提琴教师Jennifer Su毕业于最负盛名的新英格兰音乐学院。她于2017-19年度在中华表演艺术基金会音乐营担任助教。同时担任新英格兰音乐学院预科学校室内乐教练。Jennifer从四岁起就开始接受钢琴训练,她曾在Seed Music and Art Center担任钢琴老师。自2020年以来,她还担任波士顿爱乐乐团(Boston Philharmonic Orchestra)的助教。

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